The House of Blas Infante in Coria del Río (Seville)

Two days ago I read this article and I thought it would be a good idea to write about the Museum of Andalusian Autonomy for the #MuseumWeek The museum is in Coria del Rio, a town very close to Seville. I highly recommend to visit it because it is a perfect way to get in contact with the contemporary history of Andalusia. In the entrance … Continue reading The House of Blas Infante in Coria del Río (Seville)

Balneario (Health resort) San Andrés

For the first post of this blog I will start with my last trip. This time I booked through the platform Weekendesk, an online travel agency that for now is only available in France, Italy, Spain and Benelux. It offers different weekends and thematic trips. The offer I took was this one (sorry, but the website is only in Spanish). It included three nights, a thermal bath circuit, … Continue reading Balneario (Health resort) San Andrés