The Story of my Life

Andalusian Traveller is one more drop in the ocean of internet. Yet another blog about trips. But trips around Andalusia, written in English and by an Andalusian woman.

My name is Penelope and since I remember I have always wanted to travel to faraway places, so I combined studies in the University and part-time jobs to save money and go around the world. When I was studying the Environmental Sciences degree and later a master’s degree in Coastal Management I went to Dublin, Iceland, California, Dublin, Berlin, London and more places. But 2008 was the beginning of the financial crisis in Europe and in 2010 it was still really hard to find a job and it was harder to save any money to travel. Finally I decided to continue studying, and as I love to immerse myself in the culture of the places I visit, running away from stereotypes, I chose Cultural and Social Anthropology.

“But Penelope, how the hell this degree is going to help you to find a job?” my parents asked me. “Well, my purpose is not to find a job, my purpose is to learn. Be ready because I am going to live with you for a long time”.

Curiously enough, thanks to Anthropology I started to work as a local guide in my city in 2012. As a traveller and a tourist in other places I knew intuitively how visitors expected to be treated. As a history lover I knew a lot about my own city and I discovered I was very good with the English-speaking audience. This job was a way to improve my English, like this blog also, and it became my main source of income. Thanks to my job nowadays I can say that I could design a tour in any place of my city. Throw a dart in a map of Seville and I will show it you. By the way, I do not need to live with my parents nowadays.

When travelling I started to focus in Andalusian destinations. I found contradictory to know foreign cities better than my own country. This also gave me the experience and knowledge to work as a guide in other Andalusian towns apart from Seville. My blog is very new, but it works as a sample of the places I have visited. I hope to continue writing more and more pages of this diary.

I am madly in love with History, and Al-Andalus has been always my favorite historical period to study and explain to visitors. Gastronomy, and especially wine, is my weakness; there is nothing else that I like more than a visit to a winery and a good tapa that pairs well with the wine to try. I always travel with a book; I try to get in contact with the people, talk with them and ask a lot of questions. I am a slow traveler, so I go slowly and enjoying the views, the aroma in the streets, the local music. I do not like waiting in line but I like sitting down in a public square or the terrace of a bar to see people walking by. I walk, and walk and walk… to discover everything and be captivated by the place and its atmosphere.

Welcome to Andalusian Traveller!

Penélope Laó


*Picture above was taken in the pavilion of Morocco from the Expo of 1992 in Seville.

4 thoughts on “The Story of my Life

  1. A lovely, clear and informative blog with great pics. I am a frequent visitor to the Granada region as my mother lives in Chite in el valle de Lecrin. I realised a long held ambition to visit Cordoba in August and Sevilla is next, hopefully next year! Your english is charming btw 🙂


  2. Ow, like your introduction, Penelope. I should have found your blog before I went to Spain back then. I might contact you if I have a chance to visit Andalucia in the future. Since I have never used a guide for the price, I hope I can contact you for one or two tapas time. 🙂


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