Coast of light & sherry wine: Cadiz and Jerez

cadiz y jerez

Cadiz is the capital of the Coast of Light, named in that way for a very clear reason; if you are seeking the Andalusian sun, this is your destination -it has more than three thousand hours of light per the year. It is also the oldest city in Europe, founded in the year 1104 B.C. Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans are some of the civilizations that have made Cadiz one of their most important colonies in the Iberian Peninsula.

Discovering Cadiz is much more than a trip through History and a visit to its monuments.  Its inhabitants and daily life are the highlights of the city. As we will be visiting the town in the morning, we will be able to see a lot of street activity. Locals will be doing their purchases in the food market, working in their small grocery shops or having a drink in the bars. Some lucky ones will be sunbathing in La Caleta beach, where we could even see some fishermen with their fishing rods.

After visiting the Town of Light, we will head to Jerez for lunch. Jerez is becoming an interesting gastronomical destination. Its cuisine is a blend of the best products from both the coast and the countryside, perfectly paired with sherry wines. After we are finished, we will explore the beautiful historical city center during a relax digestive walk that could end in a “sherry Cathedral”, which is the name given to the sherry wineries in Jerez, to get a deep knowledge of these precious liquid delicacies under the guidance of a local expert.


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