Essential Seville


Seville has many places to discover and enjoy. There are a lot of interesting highlights in the city center, and sometimes visitors don’t know where to start or how to take advantage of the short time they spend here. This tour offers the chance to explore the main areas of Seville in a short time. Its main goal is to help you orientate around the city, while learning about our history and identifying the essential spots.

We will meet at the heart of the old quarter, amidst the Cathedral, Alcazar and Archive of the Indies, and we’ll move about that area. This monumental tour will introduce you to our biggest architectural jewels, but also the oldest neighborhoods such as Santa Cruz, Seville’s old Jewish quarter. Its narrow and colorful streets are the location of many historical legends.

We will also visit the streets of the old medina, nowadays the main shopping area, to surprise you with some of its hidden squares, small chapels and traditional shops full of character. Finally, we will have enough time to stroll through the area’s main avenue, giving us the chance to pass by several splendid modern buildings in historical locations.

This is the perfect tour for a first and short visit to Seville, focusing on contrasting its very old monumental landmarks, their renovations and some new additions: The result of three thousand years of history.


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