Monumental Majesty: Alcazar and Cathedral

alcazar catedral.jpg

Seville’s Alcazar and Cathedral are the main reasons why Seville is such a famous city around the world. They were both declared Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1987, as they are exceptional examples of our Islamic heritage from Al Andalus, as well as the Christian character of Andalusia. In this tour we will see them both from the inside.

The Alcazar, which has sometimes been named as “the royal palace”, was originally built in the 11th century by the Abbasid dynasty. Since then, different governors and monarchs rebuilt it in their own image. The result is an astonishing monument that combines styles from diverse historical periods; Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance…. The Alcazar of Peter the First is, probably, the most beautiful part still preserved, decorated with colorful tiles, pollibulate arches, sebka details, latticework and Arabic inscriptions. Visiting the Alcazar is a travel in time! We will see many different styles combined in a unique monument that is still in use by the Spanish Monarchy.

Seville’s Cathedral, also known as the “hollow mountain”, is the largest Catholic cathedral in the world. It was built on top of an Almohad mosque, from which the ablutions courtyard and the minaret –the famous Giralda– have been preserved. It is an active church, where mass is celebrated every day in its more than 40 chapels and altarpieces. Its golden high altar is the biggest in the world, an open Holy Bible, beside which lies the tomb of the most famous conqueror: Christopher Columbus.

With this tour, visitors will gain in-depth knowledge about the two most impressive historical buildings in the city of Seville.


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