Seville beyond the highlights

beyond highlights.png

Seville’s old quarter is one of the largest in Europe, but visitors tend to stay only in the Southern area. However, the rest of the city center has many secrets to explore and discover. Modernity and tradition are blended in the Macarena neighborhood, from postmodern buildings to Mudejar churches that will pop into view as we walk. We will also visit a cloister convent, where the nuns will open their home’s gates and let us enjoy this: silent and peaceful slice of Heaven on Earth. Our curiosity will also be satisfied as these lovely nuns won’t hesitate to answer any of our questions.

This neighborhood is also known as “the red Seville” or the “Muscovite Seville” as it was the location of some important battles during the Spanish Civil War. The activist and rebellious character of the area is still present nowadays in the form of social and critical movements. Thanks to this, we will have the opportunity to talk about many different controversial topics.

After a lovely walk among the hidden gems of Seville, we will stop for a while to rest and enjoy the local cuisine in some of the most popular bars of the neighborhood.

Forget about queuing and the rush to complete a check list. This tour is about going off the beaten path and feeling immersed in the Andalusian culture.


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