Andalusian Traveller is the brainchild of Penelope Lao: Environmentalist, Anthropologist and licensed Andalusian tour guide from Seville. After many years working as a tour guide and trip leader, she decided to start her own blog about the trips and visits she makes throughout her country while working or during her vacations.

The purpose behind Andalusian Traveller is to make visitors feel immersed in the local culture, history and gastronomy from the point of view of a native person. As she says:

“I am madly in love with history, and Al-Andalus has always been my favorite historical period to study and explain to visitors. Gastronomy, and especially wine, is my weakness; there is nothing else that I like more than a visit to a winery and a good tapa well-paired with a nice wine. I always travel with a book and I try to get in contact with the people, talk to them and ask a lot of questions.

I am a slow traveller, so I go slow and enjoy the views, the aroma in the streets and the local music. I do not like waiting in line but I like sitting down in a public square or a bar’s terrace to watch people walking by. I walk, and walk and walk, to avoid missing anything so I can be captivated by the place and its atmosphere.”

On this website, you can find some of the local tours and day trips she organizes and leads. But there is much more you can do. Andalusian Traveller can design and tailor many activities to your needs, like artisans paying attention to every detail.

Just tell me your dream about Andalusia…”