Rural vacations in Fuente La Teja

Last summer I visited Granada again. This time I stayed at the rural house Fuente la Teja in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, just 25 minutes from the city of Granada. This house is located in the middle of the mountains where silence is the main character and that is what I was looking for. It was delicious to spend some afternoons having a … Continue reading Rural vacations in Fuente La Teja

Alpujarras with Pilu (1st Part)

Pilu is my little dog. When I say little, I really mean little. She is only 4 kilos. And she is also blind since her birth (take a minute to think: “ooooooooh”). But even with her small size, it is really difficult to find places to go with her. Normally hotels and apartments are not dog friendly, but two years ago I discovered a site … Continue reading Alpujarras with Pilu (1st Part)