Wine&History: Acinipo and Bodega Schatz, Ronda

The history behind this wine is the story of Fiedrich Schatz on his arrival to Ronda. After a stay in France and Italy studying the wines of those areas, he was on his way to Morocco but a miraculous thing happened in Ronda. He knew that Finca Sanguijuela had been put on sale by a bank, which means that even the bank didn’t want to … Continue reading Wine&History: Acinipo and Bodega Schatz, Ronda

Transbike Andalusia

TransBike Europe is my friend Bart Bloem pedaling from Malaga to Aurich. He says in the description: Many things inspired me for this adventure but, at the end, there are three main things that I plan to achieve with this trip. First of all, I plan to start in Malaga (City in Spain where my mother comes from) and to finish in Aurich (a small … Continue reading Transbike Andalusia