Christmas sweets: mantecados and polvorones

Our traditional and delicious Christmas sweets, polvorones and mantecados, are originally from Estepa or Antequera, the most important Andalusian towns in production of these sweets. It is said that in the 16th century there was an excess of wheat and lard at the beginning of the winter season and so the nuns started to sell them in their convents. Nowadays these goodies are famous all … Continue reading Christmas sweets: mantecados and polvorones

Christmas lunch

This a gastronomic post about Christmas lunch in my family and it also brings content about Andalusian gastronomy at large. I know Christmas is off-topic now. But Christmas period does not end until the 6th of January, Day of the Three Wise Men, when children receive their presents. And grown-ups too, of course. Some families give presents on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, but my … Continue reading Christmas lunch